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Valentine's Day in Budapest

Valentine's Day in Budapest

Valentine's Day is a special day of the year, which reminds of love and once again gives the opportunity to show their affection or strong feelings to a loved one or a loved one. The annual celebration falls on February 14. On this day, the air is filled with romance and everywhere a mysterious and special atmosphere of love.

Nobody still knows the true story of the birth of Valentine's Day. As you know from various sources, the holiday is shrouded in many legends, and it remains a mystery to everyone whether Valentine's Day really existed and whether it was really the first time he gave his beloved a romantic valentine. But despite this uncertainty, the holiday still exists and helps lovers to express their feelings in a special way.
A trip abroad on such a day is one of the options for a romantic pastime with a bright mark in the memory. For example, the capital of Hungary - Budapest, is preparing for Valentine's Day in advance. Long before the holiday, hotels, restaurants and cafes organize special promotions, and in the windows of many shops there are hearts made of a variety of materials, from paper to building materials. Romantic music is heard in the streets, announcements of movies about love in cinemas. A tram for lovers runs through the city throughout the day, and evening boat trips along the Danube are organized for those who wish. On Valentine's Day, Budapest turns into a city of girls' dreams, because many couples come there on February 14 to declare their love and make an offer of a hand and a heart.

The most convenient way to get to Budapest is by bus, which can be purchased at the international box office of Uzhhorod bus station. You can also use the sites Zakavto.com.ua - https://zakavto.com.ua and Ticket-bus.travel - http://ticket-bus.travel to purchase an electronic ticket. From February 7, 2021, the flight Uzhhorod - Budapest will resume with departures every Wednesday and Sunday at 09:35 (from Chop at 10:10). The return flight from Budapest to Uzhhorod will operate every Monday and Thursday with corrections at 11:45 (from Nyíregyháza at 14:45).
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