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Express acquaintance with Budapest

Express acquaintance with Budapest

Preparing for the trip in advance will never be superfluous, but on the contrary will provide a rational approach to organizational issues. In this article, we would like to reveal the most pressing issues related to tourist Budapest.
Currency in Hungary.
It is worth remembering that in Hungary the main currency is the forint, but in some shops and restaurants you can pay in euros, but such moments are better to find out in advance so as not to be in an awkward situation. The most profitable places to exchange money in Budapest are banks and currency exchange offices located far from tourist destinations.

Rental housing.
An interesting fact about Budapest is that the city is divided into districts denoted by Roman numerals. For those who prefer a quiet holiday suitable areas: II and XII in the eastern part of the Hungarian capital. Accordingly, for tourists with a desire to be in the center of parties and entertainment suitable: VI, VII, VIII districts. We advise you to choose apartments as accommodation to the advantage of hotels. Why so? In fact, in Budapest, a great apartment for several rooms can be rented for the same price as a room in a three-star hotel.

Travel by public transport.
There are several payment options for travel. One-time ticket (vonaljegy) - valid for one mode of transport for 80 minutes from the date of purchase. It can be bought in special machines and must be composted. The estimated cost of the ticket is 350 forints. One-time ticket purchased from the driver (helyszínen váltott vonaljegy) - if you suddenly failed to pay for the trip in advance. The estimated cost of the ticket is 450 forints. A single ticket with a change (atszállójegy) is the only one for any two modes of transport. The estimated cost of the ticket is 530 forints. Ten tickets (10 darabosgyűjtőjegy) - a block of travel tickets for 10 trips in any mode of transport. Estimated cost - 3,000 forints. Travel for 1 day (24 órás jegy) - valid for 24 hours on all modes of transport without travel restrictions. Estimated cost - 1650 forints. Group travel for 1 day (csoportos 24 órás jegy) - allows a group of up to 5 people to move around the city without restrictions for 24 hours. The estimated cost is 3,300 forints. Travel for 3 days (72 órás jegy) - valid in all modes of transport, the number of trips is unlimited. Estimated cost - 4150 forints.
Walks through unknown Budapest.
There are three interesting locations that are not mentioned in the guides. Open Book Fountain (Henszlemann Imre), Sugar Store! (Paulay Ede, 48) - a paradise for lovers of sweets and a shop that turns the idea of ​​the possibilities of confectioners, the Philosophical Garden (Gellért-hegy).

The road from Uzhgorod to Budapest. How to get there?
Transit flight of international importance Kyiv - Vienna (via Uzhhorod and Budapest)
Departure days: Thursday and Sunday. Departure time from Uzhgorod at 01:30, and arrival in Budapest at 10:30. Approximate COST of the ticket: from UAH 1,350 at

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or using the Viber application (0503707099, 0673707096 - Call-center). Answers to questions can be obtained by calling:
+380 50 370 70 99 - call center ☎️
+380 67 370 70 96 - call center ☎️