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The main Christmas tree of the country 2020/2021

The main Christmas tree of the country 2020/2021

Every year before the winter holidays, or rather to St. Nicholas Day, a parade of Christmas trees begins across the country. Forest beauties become the main decorations of cities during this period.
This year, despite the quarantine measures, did not become an exception to the rules and did not limit Ukrainians in the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Christmas trees, streets, squares, shops, etc. decorated for the holidays. Now luxurious green beauties shone in Odessa, Nikolaev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnieper, Kherson and of course in the capital of our country - Kiev.
The country's main Christmas tree, located on Sofiyivska Square, delighted the city's residents for the first time on December 19, when it was inaugurated. It did without the traditional parade and concert, but even that did not spoil the festivity of the moment.

The height of the tree is 31 meters. At the beginning, it was decorated in the theme of a fairy forest, and its top was crowned with an interesting hat, but community criticism forced it to be replaced by a traditional octagonal star. As in previous years, a photo area has been set up near the Christmas tree. There are also children's attractions and a Christmas town on the square. At the Christmas tree you can buy a variety of delicacies, hot drinks and of course Christmas gingerbread for yourself or as a gift. By the way, the main Christmas tree of Ukraine 2020/2021 entered the top 10 most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe, which also include Christmas trees: Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and other countries. She takes her well-deserved 7th place. This information was published by the authors of the tourist organization European Best Destinations.

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