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Coffee taste of autumn Prague

Coffee taste of autumn Prague

In autumn, a cup of fragrant coffee is just what you need. We offer in your free time from work or study, being in the majestic city of Prague, to visit several Prague cafes, which are cozy, there is an inherent atmosphere and undoubtedly delicious coffee with a variety of desserts as a supplement.
La Boheme Cafe
Great place, famous not only for its coffee, but also for its unsurpassed interior design. The cafe won the nomination "Best Design Bar". shelves on which instead of books boxes with collectible tea from the American Harney & Sons. Books on the ceiling and on the wallpaper, a violin under the ceiling, lockers with rows of coffee packs, upholstered leather chairs and ascetic chairs. There is also a luxurious bar with fun and friendly bartenders.
Here you can try coffee from African, American and Asian plantations. The head of the company, one of the world's coffee experts, personally travels to the plantations and buys coffee, which is then roasted in the Czech Republic and sold. This is a specialty coffee, very high quality. In the cafe you can buy freshly roasted coffee, as well as try numerous drinks from the menu. I especially want to pay attention to the menu of cocktails. Among them are very interesting drinks with which the baristas of the cafe perform at competitions. There is no food in the cafe, but it is possible to choose dessert.

Address: Sazavska 2031/32, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic

A place for lovers of hot chocolate, fragrant waffles and gatherings in friendly company. The menu is created for connoisseurs and gourmets of sweets; presents a large selection of coffee drinks in a variety of variations.
Address: Spalena 8/80 | between Karlovo square and Narodni street, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

Restaurant Cafe Colore
A cozy cafe with a fairly wide selection of desserts. This is a place where service, prices and service meet all European standards. It is great to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Address: Rytirska 406/10 | Kkeboeoeoq, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

Mistral Cafe
A cozy place to relax after a walk in autumn Prague. A large number of living vegetation and natural materials used in the interior, allows you to immerse yourself in your thoughts and impressions of the city. Mistral Cafe is a delicious cuisine and fragrant coffee. The menu offers European and local dishes.
Address: Valentinska 11/56, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
Cafe Savoy
Cafe for those who want to drink a cup of coffee, treat yourself to a delicious dessert after lunch or dinner. Undoubtedly delicious and photogenic breakfasts are also prepared here. The interior is stylish and rich, furniture and utensils at a decent level. The atmosphere of luxury prevails in this establishment. The only disadvantage of the cafe is the large number of visitors and there is not always a free space, so you need to be prepared for this.
Address: Vitezna 124/5, Prague 150 00, Czech Republic

For those who are just going to go abroad, there is a reliable transfer from Tyachev to Prague via the Tisza Hungary checkpoint. Departures every Wednesday and Sunday. The list of necessary documents that the passenger must have:
• biometric passport;
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