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Mlada Boleslav from A to Z

Mlada Boleslav from A to Z

Small in size, the Czech Republic attracts tourists with original attractions. It seems that all cities are alike, comparing historic centers. And that's really true. Today I would like to focus on a small compact town called Mlada Boleslav.
The paved streets, the central square, the low houses with the facades in 2-4 windows give the city its antiquity and preserve its history. The main squares have found their place: the town hall is made in the technique of sgraffito, which is characteristic of the era of the Italian Renaissance, the church and the Marian column. Across from the town hall is a fountain, whose jets begin to dance to the sounds of bells.

The town of Mladá Boleslav was founded in the 10th century as the princely residence of Bolesław II. The city flourished the most in the Middle Ages. The rapid development and enrichment were explained by the location occupied by the city. It stood in the way of trade and therefore took such rapid steps in its development. However, all this lasted until the 17th century, and then for two hundred years, the city's extinction began.
Places to visit in Mlada Boleslav include: Skoda Motor Museum, City Theater, Church of Bohemian Brothers, St. Havlens Church, Gothic Mlada Boleslav Castle and Temple Temple.
How to get from Uzhgorod to Mladá Boleslav?

Road from Uzhgorod to Prague
Warning! Prices for international flights are significantly reduced!
In particular, the cost of a ticket from Uzhgorod to Prague - from 896,00 UAH.
Departure time (from Uzhgorod) - arrival time (to Prague):
14:20 - 05:40, Thursday, Sunday;
14:50 - 02:45, Tuesday, Saturday;
15:00 - 5:30, every Sunday;
15:40 - 6:10, daily;
16:20 - 4:30, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday;
18:00 - 05:50, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday;
18:10 - 6:30, daily;
20:00 - 07:45, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday;
20:30 - 10:00, daily;
21:15 - 10:15, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday;
22:00 - 12:00, Saturday;
22:00 - 11:00, Wednesday.
You can get detailed information by phone numbers:
+380503707099, +380673707096, +38050434620,
The easiest way to get from Prague is to Mladá Boleslav without additional stops, by train or train. Departure almost every hour, and ticket price from 69 CZK.