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Do you dream of an unforgettable trip? Catch useful life hacks

Do you dream of an unforgettable trip? Catch useful life hacks

Dear users, we have great news! Zakapatavtotrans gives a 10% DISCOUNT on all tickets purchased ONLINE. Take the opportunity and save on tickets. However, this is not all. We have prepared a selection of life hacks that will help significantly reduce travel costs and optimize costs.

So, we have repeatedly said that a pre-planned trip is the key to a successful vacation. That is, it means that the organizational aspects of the trip are of great importance and to deal with them on the eve of departure or even during the trip itself is quite risky for your wallet. It is not always possible to come across advantageous offers when looking for housing, just do not immediately find a cozy and inexpensive place to eat and so on. In order not to face such seemingly insignificant issues, we offer:

Book tickets in advance. By the way, to book bus tickets from Zakarpatavtotrans you just need to call the call center or use the mobile application Viber with numbers: 0503707099 and 0673707096 and they will help you not only to buy a ticket, but also inform you if you have any questions. Also use the official website https://zakavto.com.ua/ua, where you can find the necessary flights, as well as interesting information about travel, tours, tourism, etc.
Use the couchsurfing service. It is safe, profitable and interesting, because in addition to free housing, you get the opportunity to meet new people who can also further help in finding atmospheric locations in the chosen city for recreation.
Try ordering food using https://www.eatwith.com. Using this site, you will be able to find and choose your favorite cozy home mini-restaurant. This way you will avoid noisy places, try real local cuisine and get gastronomic pleasure.
Download off-line maps and travel apps before you start your trip. This is necessary, first of all to save time, and secondly, minimizes dependence on the Internet. Both will make the trip thoughtful.
While still at home, look for offers such as days of free admission to museums, galleries, etc. Also check the information about the onset of the discount season, which will make your shopping more profitable.

Here are five great tips to help you make your trip a success. Use them, find time to relax and visit our pages on social networks:

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