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The most beautiful shrines of Prague

The most beautiful shrines of Prague

Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. An incomparable historical center, created from an ensemble of ancient buildings, temples and bridges - reflects all the grandeur and luxury of the Czech capital. The old center of Prague, shrouded in legends, attracts travelers to come and personally walk the narrow streets, look inside the cozy cafes, buy interesting things to remember. We offer a list of the most beautiful shrines of Prague for the next walk. They are one of the most important values ​​of the city.

St. Vitus Cathedral is a national monument. It is made in the Gothic style with a touch of neo-Gothic (rear towers). The design has majestic shapes, interesting reliefs, sculptures, luxurious interior decoration. The cathedral has long served as a tomb for monarchs, archbishops and some other famous people. Also valuables in the cathedral are regalia and valuable objects of state power of the Middle Ages.

The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul has another well-known name - Visegrad. It is the central Catholic parish church in Prague. Good location allows you to see the temple from anywhere in the city. The history of the church began in the late 11th century and for all time to this day has undergone a number of reconstructions and acquired a modern look only in the 19th century. As for the style, the basilica is a neo-Gothic work of art, and Art Nouveau was used for wall painting. The church keeps pieces of Vratislav's clothes, as well as precious ornaments, bowls, icons, etc.

Tyn Church is located in the heart of old Prague. Again, the Gothic style, which was typical of the Middle Ages, was chosen to create the church. However, inside the church reigns the Renaissance and early Baroque, complemented by its oldest organ in Prague. By the way, the body is still in working order, due to the restoration it was given a second life and thus allowed to please the parishioners with a beautiful sound.

St. Nicholas Cathedral on Malostranska Square is majestic on the left bank of Prague. The construction of the temple took 51 years. The uniqueness of the cathedral is due to the presence inside the largest fresco in Europe, the length of which is 1500 square meters. The cathedral is considered to be the most decorated church among all Prague Jesuit cathedrals. It is made in the Baroque style, so it is characterized by luxury.

The Church of St. Nicholas on the Old Town Square is a large Hussite church. The interior of the church is enriched by an ancient organ, stained glass windows, the veneration of St. Wenceslas and Nicholas and a magnificent Harrachov crystal crystal chandelier with an interesting shape of the imperial crown.

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