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 The best places for walks in Pilsen

 The best places for walks in Pilsen

Arrived in Pilsen and looking for options for walks with family or friends? Then catch some interesting places in the city where you can have fun and useful time.
1. Garden of meditation. Its history is quite interesting, as the founder of the garden was Lyubosh Hrushka, who was imprisoned for 18 years during the communist government. The owner of the garden gradually replaced the fruit-bearing fruit trees with ornamental conifers and deciduous plants. Eventually, a unique garden architecture was created using the English style. In the garden there is a Memorial to the Victims of Evil and the Chapel of St. Maximilian Kolbe. People like to walk in the garden, because the place is not just beautiful and quiet, but also is a space with a great spiritual link.

2. Devil's Rocks (Certova Kazatelna). Mighty rock massif 700 meters long and 22 meters high. Steep rock walls arose as a result of erosion during the deepening of the Mzhe riverbed in the distant Ice Age. At first glance, the shape of the rocks resembles a temple. The best view of the cliff, according to travelers, opens near the information board and from the river. From there there is an incredible panorama, and in the rocks you can see the art high school, which in the past was a small castle.

3. AQUA TERA. The park is a branch of the city zoo. Its location is very convenient, because the park is located in the heart of the city. More than a thousand animals can be seen in the park, which presents all the natural areas of the planet and, accordingly, the animals that inhabit them. There are also places for snacks, ie restaurants and cafes. By the way, the park can be reached by a small train.

4. ZOO PLZEN. Large in size zoo, which is inhabited by a variety of animals. In addition, the area is also a botanical garden with lots of exotic plants. Sometimes you can come across the process of cooking animals, which turns into a small show. Not only children but also adults are usually delighted with the zoo.

How to get from Ukraine to the Czech Republic (Plzen)?
The flight Lviv - Prague - Pilsen is open every Monday and Friday. Reliable transfer and quality service are guaranteed. To cross the border, the passenger must have the following documents:
• biometric passport / passport of an EU citizen;
• Czech visa / Czech life.
You can book a ticket and get additional information by calling: +380503707099 or +380673707096 - call-center.