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New Year's Eve: time to make dreams come true

New Year's Eve: time to make dreams come true

The long-awaited end of 2020 is a difficult year for most people. In two days we will all open the first page of the book called "New 2021". Undoubtedly, we will make reserved wishes on a special night and move on to the next, hopefully better and easier year. Probably most of us have long decided where exactly to celebrate New Year's Eve, because, as we have already emphasized, everything must be planned in advance. However, we would like to share with you three alternative ideas for the 2021 meeting and maybe someone will like them.
The Carpathians deservedly are in the first place. The first association that comes to mind is a vacation at ski resorts, but in fact not only him. In the mountains you can always find options for fun. The main advantage of a trip to the mountains is isolation from the bustling city, work, deadlines and everyday affairs. Mountain scenery and fresh air will allow you to relax a little and benefit everyone.

The next offer is a trip to Lviv. Why not? Despite the quarantine restrictions, the city managed to create an unsurpassed festive atmosphere. The magnificent main Christmas tree of Lviv, the elegantly decorated market square, the bright streets, where everything reminds of winter holidays - add charm to the city and it becomes similar to the pre-Christmas European towns. Of course, you can choose another city, such as Kamyanets-Podilsky or Chernivtsi, Odessa and Kyiv are also suitable. However, to be completely honest, it does not matter which city you choose for a short trip on the eve of the holidays, the main thing is to have loved ones and a festive atmosphere. By the way, a real gift for loved ones can be an unexpected visit on New Year's Eve, especially if for a long time there was no opportunity to see.
A very interesting option for the celebration is to meet the New Year in an ethno-rural estate. Rest in traditional homes and recreate not only the interior of old houses, but also the old traditions for the holidays - create a unique atmosphere. Traditional cuisine complements such a historic ensemble and adds its delicious notes to the old and the next year's meeting.

So, we hope that next year will bring each of us more joy and smiles, open new opportunities and allow us to implement temporarily postponed plans. We wish that all dreams on New Year's Eve will be realized in the near future, and last year took with it the accumulated troubles. So congratulations to all on the upcoming holidays!