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Tips for a pioneer tourist

Tips for a pioneer tourist

Before starting any journey, it is important, first of all, to form an idea of ​​what it should be. For example, a vacation with a loved one, a quest trip with friends or a trip alone. Decide how you want to spend your weekend: choosing one city to explore or arrange a tour of several countries. Rationally plan your vacation time and create, so to speak, a travel plan. It will help to clearly shape each day of vacation.

You also need to resolve housing issues in advance. It is best, of course, to find a budget option, and spend the money saved on excursions. In this case, you should use the service "exchange of houses". What is it? You need to go to the website https://www.homeexchange.com/en, find a person who wants to come to rest in our country and do not mind exchanging housing for the holiday period. This exchange of houses is increasingly in demand among travelers and is quite popular in the world.

Another interesting offer is the purchase of someone else's reservations. The bottom line is that you can buy someone's existing reservation, which is in danger of failure, because the people who made it, there were certain life circumstances. Again, a good offer for both parties. So if you are interested, look for the link → https://www.cancelon.com.

There is also the concept of blind booking. You make an order with quite favorable discounts (up to 60%), but until the last you do not see the photo and the name of the hotel where you stay. At first glance, it is risky, but it is worth a try. For more information, use https://www.hotwire.com.

There is also the concept of couchsurfing. What is it? Now in almost every city there are representatives of couchsurfing, who offer their apartments for free accommodation. But in order to book, you must register on the couchsurfing site and also offer your own accommodation for other travelers.

So far, we have considered budget options for housing for the holiday period. However, if it is not a problem for you to pay a little more money for housing, then book a bed or a room in a hostel, where the prices are still lower than those offered by hotels.

Pack your bags wisely. We advise you not to pack too many things, take with you only the necessary, because for the transportation of large amounts of luggage will have to pay. Be sure to check the weather forecast in the city / cities you are going to go to. This will help determine the wardrobe. Put a small first aid kit on the road, because medicines abroad are an order of magnitude more expensive.

It is better to cook food yourself, and buy food in the supermarket, where they always offer discounts. If you do not want to spend time at the stove, then a business lunch is suitable, which is on the menu of most cafes and restaurants. They are hearty, often served in large portions and at a good price.

Before the trip, we recommend downloading the mobile application Maps me for using Google Maps in the Off-line mode.

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