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Travel fun, fun and budget. | Liberec invites you to visit

Travel fun, fun and budget. | Liberec invites you to visit

A picturesque and cozy town of Liberec, every year tourists from different parts of the world come to admire. It is the main historical and cultural center of northern Bohemia. Convenient location near major places of interest and snack bars makes the city compact. However, what exactly attracts travelers and leaves them enthralled in the end?


1. Liberec Town Hall. The building is located on Old Town Square, or its other name, Dr. Benesch Square, and resembles a similar structure in Vienna.

2. Liberec Castle. The spacious, neoclassical-style palace is centrally located. Simplicity and at the same time brightness add sophistication, while strict shapes, combined with a sloping roof tile and a square tower, attract the attention of others.

3. Waldstein Houses. In fact, the area of ​​their location is better known due to the name of Vetrna Street, which was laid down thanks to the wealthy industrialist A. von Waldstein.

4. Church of St. Anthony the Great. It is located in the city center on the former old cemetery, which existed even before the creation of the city, when the present Liberec was more like a village.

5. The ruins of Hamrstein Castle. The former mighty castle, or rather its ruins, have survived on one of the hills in the outskirts of Liberec.

6. Church of Our Lady. The original temple with an unusual circular facade design and squat towers can be seen in the northern part of Liberec called Ruprechtik.

7. Regional Art Gallery. Occupies a location near a city park and local castle that is currently owned by a glass manufacturing company.

8. Church of St. Vincent. Elegant, bright church of St. Vincent de Paul, at first glance, looks like an old castle. It was built in the 19th century. It is decorated with two elegant and one rather massive towers, has a large portal that is more suitable for a fortress than for a temple, and several domes topped with crosses.

9. A house near a green tree. The building, with its delicate lime-colored façade, stands out from a number of modern buildings, since it is baroque and considered a historic site of the city.

10. Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Built on the initiative of the Capuchin Order in 1908-1911. The church occupies its place on Jungman Street.


In fact, a splash of places that are worth the tourist's attention, being in Liberec, can be continued for a long time, but in this case I wanted to focus on the most well-known and conveniently located locations. So, the city is really beautiful and filled with interesting architecture.


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