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Polish Paris over the Odra

Polish Paris over the Odra

Did you know that the green city of the North is called the Polish city of Szczecin. The question is why? The fact is that the city is designed like Paris - the three main squares of the city, which diverge from each other in the form of a star. In addition, the city has an analogy with Venice, and all because, buying a kayak tour of the Oder River, you can feel for a moment in Venice. The reflection on the water surface of the brick facades of houses and factories creates a special romantic atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the city is the Emerald Lake, located in the landscape park Bukova Pushcha. Since the lake appeared on the site of a former chalk mine, the water in it is clear and has an emerald hue. Near the lake live various species of rare animals that have settled in the bunkers and underground corridors of the former mine.

For tourists who are in Szczecin for the first time, a red dotted line is drawn on the roads and sidewalks, which is actually a special sign of the route interesting locations of the city. The route originates from the railway station and covers 42 objects, including: castle, philharmonic, museums, squares, etc.

The beauty of the city is accentuated by night lights, which are best seen from the panoramic terraces on the waterfront. In the evening, Szczecin takes on a completely different look and turns into a cozy European town.

It is worth noting that the city is rich in vegetation, ie there are plenty of greenery and they are clearly reflected on the map in the form of parks, squares, urban forests. By the way, in Szczecin there is a wonderful botanical garden "Ruzhanka", which collected 99 varieties of roses. It is difficult to imagine what aromas are raging during the flowering period.

So, we can safely say that Szczecin is an interesting city and it is worth choosing to travel. It has something to look at and a place to go. The city has its own atmosphere and boldly competes with other European cities in the field of tourism.

For those who are already in Szczecin and those who are going to a Polish town, considering return options, we offer a flight of international importance Szczecin (Poland) - Tyachiv (Transcarpathia).

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Departure and arrival times: 09:40 - 13:30
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