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Let's go to Bologna together!

Let's go to Bologna together!

Do you like to travel and always look for interesting cities to visit? Then Bologna is just for you! Bologna is known for its students, because many students have studied in the city since the Middle Ages. By the way, it was in Bologna in 1088 that the first educational institution in Europe was opened, namely a law school, which later received the status of a university.

Bologna is rich in historical architectural monuments and includes medieval towers, historic buildings and churches. All of them are made in different styles and differ in their individuality, but create an unsurpassed overall picture of the city. The top facilities that must be visited while in the city include:
Colonnades - their length reaches 40 km. If before they performed the function of increasing living space, now they simply serve as a symbol of the city. In addition, in summer they save from the heat and in turn in the fall from the rains.
Falling towers - two buildings built at an angle, which creates the effect of falling. You can climb to the top of the towers by overcoming 500 steps, but as a reward there is an incredible panorama of the city, which opens from a height of 97 m.
Basilica of St. Petronius - is one of the five highest churches in the world. Inside there are two active organs, and on the floor is the world's longest sundial, the length of which = 66 m.
The University of Bologna is the oldest university in Europe, which has never been closed. The highlight of the university is the opportunity for students to choose a teacher independently and pay for his teaching work. The real treasure of the university is one of the oldest libraries in Italy.
Archigymnasium is the former main building of the University of Bologna. Glorious thanks to an impressive collection of over 7,000 coats of arms. Inside the gymnasium is a former anatomical theater, which in the Middle Ages held performances.
The National Pinakothek is one of the largest art galleries in Italy. The number of exhibition halls reaches 30.
The Archaeological Museum of Bologna is rich in valuable exhibits (vases, sculptures, posthumous masks of pharaohs) and collections, among which the most interesting is the Egyptian.

As for food, the range of choice is definitely quite wide and the dishes are all delicious. Locals recommend trying tortellini, lasagna, Bologna chop, Parma ham, Mortadella sausage and emphasize the bright flavors of the dishes, exquisite sparkling red wine - Lambrusco.

From Uzhgorod to Bologna there is a direct flight departing at 12:00. Ticket price 4800 hryvnias.