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Walking through the streets of romantic Budapest

Walking through the streets of romantic Budapest

The capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Every avid traveler with experience has visited this city. However, since it is a cold time of the year, I want to look at Budapest as a winter fairy tale.
You can start your journey through the Heroes' Square, where the monument to the kings of Hungary is located, and from there move smoothly to the city park of Varoshliget, where the famous Vaidahunyad Castle is located. It was built 123 years ago in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the conquest of the homeland by Hungarians. The building has one interesting feature, as it includes elements of 21 monuments of Europe. So, walking through the territory of Vaidahunyad Castle, you can get acquainted with the main architectural structures present in the city. In front of the magnificent castle is a lake, which in winter turns into an ice rink.

Walking around Pest, you will not miss the famous building of the Hungarian Parliament, built after the unification of Buda, Pest and Obuda - as a symbol of national unity. Currently, the parliament is the largest and tallest structure not only in the capital, but in the whole country.

Budapest's waterfront is a favorite place for walks of couples in love, and until winter it is decorated with golden lights garlands. Walking along the waterfront will not be difficult to notice the monument to the victims of the Holocaust. Along the shore are cast-iron shoes for children, women and men, which symbolizes the Jews sunk in the Danube.

After enjoying a walk by the river, you should look into the heart of the city - the old center, where the main church of Budapest, namely the Basilica of St. Stephen. The building is named after the first king of Hungary, Istvan, and it is in it that his mummified hand has survived to this day.
It is also worth mentioning the bridges of Budapest. They are best admired in the evening or at night, because it is during this time that they look fabulous due to the large number of lights and light bulbs. The Chain Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe, especially since it has a historical mission, namely it connects Buda with Pest and is the first permanent bridge across the Danube.
It will be appropriate to finish the walk late in the evening, when all the architectural structures inspected during the day will be immersed in an infinite amount of illumination.

From Uzhgorod to Budapest can be reached by bus, using the international flight Kiev-Vienna, which departs from Uzhgorod every Thursday and Sunday at 01:30, and arrives in Budapest at 10:30. Details by numbers: 0503707099 and 0673707096 (Viber) - call center.