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Luxurious palaces of Warsaw. Part 2

Luxurious palaces of Warsaw. Part 2

We continue to get acquainted with Warsaw from a new perspective with the help of architectural heritage with a bright history, namely with the help of palaces.
Royal Castle. The architectural monument is included in the State Register of Museums. It was built by order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, with a construction period of 20 years. The building has a very interesting pentagonal shape. In the past, the palace served as a medieval residence of royal princes, later - a meeting place of the Sejm of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, World War II left a bright imprint on the walls of the palace and it had to be restored from the surviving pieces. Today, the palace is a museum with several separate viewing halls, complemented by paintings, collections of clocks, candlesticks, Far Eastern pottery and Saxon porcelain.

Lazenkivsky Palace. Located in the Royal Park Lazenki. The palace is made in the style of classicism. The palace complex is located on an artificial island surrounded by a pond. The lake is complemented by an amphitheater. World War II left its mark on this palace. He was burned by the Nazis and destroyed as much as possible. However, some survived and after the war the palace began to be reconstructed. For many years, it was possible to partially restore its appearance. The palace is currently a branch of the National Museum in Warsaw.

Chapsky Palace. It is easy to find in the city on the street Krakow suburbs. The three-storey building is made in the Rococo style. Currently, the palace houses the Academy of Fine Arts. The construction of the palace was intended for the residence of Archbishop M. Radzeevsky. The Chapsky family moved to the estate only in 1752, 47 years after the creation of the palace. The Baroque-style interior dates back to the time of the Chapskis. Over the years, new owners appeared in the palace, who made changes to the exterior and interior of the building. Today, the palace houses a museum known as the "Small Salon of the Chopin Family." 

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