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Salerno is an ideal city for a perfect vacation

Salerno is an ideal city for a perfect vacation

Italy has long been famous not only for its history, cuisine, traditions, but also resort towns, each of which has its own unique zest. Now I want to tell you a little about the bright Salerno - a seaside town with a very rich and diverse architecture, culture and color.
At the time when Salerno was a Roman colony, its territory was used exclusively for military and commercial purposes. After the fall of Rome, the city became the capital of the Lombards. For only 300 years, Salerno was an independent administrative unit. The city became part of Italy only in 1860. Nowadays, Salerno is a popular resort, which is associated with hot sun, delicious food and pleasant service.

The traditional place to start exploring Salerno is considered to be Torgovaya Street. Quite a crowded place, created by an ensemble of various shops, tourist tents and museums. From there, the tourist route can be continued to the city center to Piazza Alfano 1, home to one of the city’s main architectural monuments, the Cathedral of San Matteo. He harmoniously combines in his image at least three styles: Islamic (executed colonnades), Romanesque (used to create a portal with lions) and Baroque (decorated crypt). Currently, the cathedral serves as the main museum of the city, and the temple is complemented by an art gallery with masterpieces of 13-18 centuries. A rather interesting solution in the decoration of the temple is the use of animal sculptures. The next location to visit may be the Ruggiero Palace, its convenient location in front of the cathedral, simply makes it impossible not to look inside, where nowadays art exhibitions are held.
To continue the tour of the historic center, you can transfer to the Pizza Sedile Del Campo, which houses the former mansion of Maorizio Pinto. The palace was reconstructed in the Baroque style, for some time the building served as the headquarters of the local university. Then the acquaintance with Salerno can be transferred to the monumental complex of St. Sophia, a former monastery for the Benedictines. Currently, the place serves as a center of exhibitions of various levels.

An oasis in the city center is the Botanical Garden of Minevra. Previously, the garden grew all sorts of medicinal plants, and after the Second World War was supplemented with rare plants. After walking around the city, which is filled with curious tourists, quiet walks along the Trieste promenade will decorate the evening and give it romance. This pedestrian alley is up to 2 km long.

A special day of vacation in Salerno can be dedicated to the ascent to the fortress of Areca. This castle complex rises above the sea, for a long time of existence and various weather conditions, it has turned into ruins that have undergone restoration work. Today the fortress is a museum with collections of coins, weapons and ceramics.
Undoubtedly, the above interesting locations of the city are not limited to such a small number, in fact there are many more and Salerno has something to look at and have a good time. Moreover, Salerno, like most of the coastal Italian towns - is famous for the hospitality of the locals, so planning a trip for a few days to Salerno can be a great option for a holiday.
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