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Secrets of an attractive tourist town - Nyiregyhaza

Secrets of an attractive tourist town - Nyiregyhaza

Just a few kilometers, or more precisely 70, from the border of Ukraine and Hungary is the picturesque city of Nyíregyháza. Cleanliness, cleanliness and order are the first to meet the tourist during a visit to the city. The clean streets, which are complemented by colorful flowers in the summer, have pleasant lighting, which gives the coziness and the feeling of safety at night, the peaceful and quiet inhabitants of the city. All of these things do not act as a show of grace, but rather demonstrate what life can be like if you follow the rules of the culture and care for your place of residence. Therefore, we can say that Nyirelgaz is a fairly modest city with perfect order.

The center of Nyiregyzia is reminiscent of the Uzhgorod Corso. It is in the center of all the old architecture, soaked in the history of past centuries, which is in excellent condition. The card of the city is the Greek Catholic church. His museum features a collection of icons, gospels, and other sacred objects from centuries past. Places to visit in Nyiregyhaz include the Andras Josh Museum. It features works by local artist Julie Benchur, as well as exhibits dedicated to the city before World War I and the history of money.

If you go to Nyiregas with your children, you will not be able to restrict walks in the city, you need something more interesting and worth attention. And there is one in the city! Zoo - where children will be thrilled, even adults will not be able to remain impressed. It is considered one of the largest and best in Hungary. In addition to the zoo, the Soshto open-air museum with an area of ​​320 hectares can be an interesting location. The site has an age-old architecture and rural life.
Another stop associated with Nyiregyhaza is thermal baths. They are located 4 km from the city center. For 3 centuries, they have been a favorite spot for bathing and relaxing for locals and tourists alike. Baths formed from the complex of thermal and fresh pools, as well as the water park.

Road from Uzhgorod to Nyiregyhaza
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