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Slovakia. We are going to Bratislava

Slovakia. We are going to Bratislava

During its history, Bratislava has been the capital 5 times, probably its destiny. Now this city is a small cozy but hospitable capital of Slovakia. Compared to other capitals, Bratislava is an inexpensive modern city that will satisfy various requests and whims of tourists.

How to get there?
Since we are talking about the capital, you can get there by any means of transport: plane, train, bus and, of course, cars. The most convenient way is to buy a bus ticket to Bratislava at the box office of Uzhhorod bus station or Mukachevo bus station. International flights on this route run quite often, more details on the schedule can be found online, there you can also buy a ticket to Bratislava. A direct flight can be reached in 9-10 hours. You can also travel with transfers, enjoying the beauty of other European cities such as Kosice and Brno, Vienna or Budapest.
Accommodation options and prices.
In Bratislava, you can rent a house for every taste and budget. The cheapest bed in a hostel costs 12-15 euros per day. For a five-star hotel you will have to pay from 85 euros per night. Most hotels in Bratislava are three- and four-star hotels and cost about 60 euros per night. The cost of the hotel varies with the location and level of the hotel. You can read more about accommodation options in Bratislava online.
Food and public transport
Bratislava delights tourists with diversity, everyone will be able to choose a lunch to taste. Here you can choose dishes both exotic and national, Slovak. Lunch at a middle class restaurant will cost 15-20 euros. The same dishes can be purchased in pubs and cafes for 6-10 euros. Real Slovak beer can be tasted at Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar. A very atmospheric place is the restaurant "ALTITUDE", which is located in the TV tower. The highlight of this establishment is the revolving floor, here you can not only eat, but also admire the panorama of the city. Prices in the institution are above average.
Bratislava's transport system is divided into zones. The cost of a ticket for a trip depends on the zone, zones 100 and 101 are important for tourists, covering the whole city, the center, airports and railway stations. Bratislava's public transport includes buses, trams and trolleybuses. The cost of a ticket for a trip is 15-30 minutes. will cost 70-90 cents, a day ticket will cost 3.50 euros, for three days - 8 euros. A taxi will cost an average of 3.30 euros, the minimum fare is 1.40 euros.

You have learned everything important, so quickly with suitcases for tickets to Bratislava.