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Slovakia. We go to Kosice

Slovakia. We go to Kosice

Traveling through Slovakia, it is worth visiting one of the most interesting and tourist-attractive cities - Kosice. It is the second largest city in Slovakia, the cultural capital of the country, as well as the European Cultural Capital in 2013.

Transfer options

You can get to the city by train, car or bus. Given that you have to cross the border, the most successful can be considered a train and a bus. Kosice can only be reached by train from Chop. The bus is the most convenient transport for one-day and long trips. You can buy a ticket to Kosice both online and at any bus station. Since this is an international flight, you must not forget about the passport, the data from which you need to buy a ticket. To find the optimal time for the trip you should read the schedule. If you have questions about bus services, you can consult the international box office of Uzhgorod bus station or Mukachevo bus station, where you can also buy a bus ticket to Kosice.

Where and for how long can you stay?

In Kosice there is a wide choice of options: from a hostel to a respectable hotel. Since there are many options, prices fluctuate. A bed in a hostel near the old town of Kosice hostel will cost 13-15 euros per night. Therefore, depending on the location, you will have to pay 50-110 euros for the hotel. You can get acquainted with the options, as well as book accommodation online.

Public transport and recreation

Public transport in Kosice is very developed. Using a variety of transport, and the city has buses, trolleybuses and trams, you can get into any jacket, so the tour is sure to be fun. The price for all types of public transport is the same - 0.5 euros for a single trip within 4 stops, for a ticket per day will have to pay - 3.20 euros, travel per week will cost 10.20 euros. The average cost of a taxi in the city from 3 euros.

There are many different establishments on the main street of the city: pubs, cafes, restaurants, among them it is worth noting the cafe with the history of "Cafe Trieste". Coffee lovers will find delicious coffee here, you will have to pay 1 euro for it. You can also visit the Urban Cafe and enjoy ice cream and sweets for all tastes. When it comes to food, be sure to visit the Celtic Tavern. Here you can try local cuisine and enjoy Czech or Slovak beer.

Given all the above, we can conclude that it is from this Slovak city should start getting acquainted with European countries. So go to the bus station for tickets to Kosice, and don't forget to buy bus tickets home.