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Sunny Bari is one of the pearls of the Adriatic

Sunny Bari is one of the pearls of the Adriatic

The city of Bari attracts for a long time those who have visited it at least once. The question arises, and what is the secret of such love for this city. Let's try to understand together and highlight the basic tips for future travelers.

First of all, it should be noted that you should not plan a short trip to Bari, because it will be one of the biggest mistakes. A few days for complete relaxation and enjoyment of the scenery is definitely not enough. Even if you walk along and across the whole city, you will still find something that can attract attention and make you go back there again. Moreover, Bari is a city of peace and tranquility, where during the day on the waterfront you can read a book and move your thoughts away from everyday life, and in the evening to the sounds of music to admire the sea.
Another important reason to fall in love with Bari is the dimension of life, kindness and simplicity of the inhabitants of the city. Their sincerity captivates most tourists. They will not refuse help, tell you where and how interesting to spend the day and easily lift your spirits.
In general, to fully immerse yourself in this medieval city, which lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, you should go to the area strictly Bari. Walking through the confusing narrow streets in the absence of a crowd of tourists, you can feel the real atmosphere and spirit of the city.
Vittorio Emanuele Avenue is a kind of corridor between the old and new districts of Bari. The new area is crowded and brighter in the evening, compared to the old one. There are no free seats in cafes and benches at this time.

The embankment of Emperor Augustus is suitable for romantic and carefree walks. On the waterfront is an interesting and unique building - the theater "Margarita", built on the water. It is built in Art Nouveau style, and the highlight is the masterfully decorated windows of various shapes and sizes.
The main architectural monuments of Bari include four main must-see: the Basilica of St. Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino, the administrative building of Sedilo and the Swabian Bridge. These locations will reveal a little history of the city of Bari.

So, we all know that summer is a time of rest, so why not get together this time and go to the sunny and warm Bari. In addition, relevant news for those who are looking for vacation options in the summer of 2020. Bus tickets to Bari, Italy can be ordered by calling the call-center: +380503707099 or +380673707096. Our call-center provides all the necessary information to facilitate the travel planning of each traveler.