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Cosino Thermal Oasis - relax and recuperate!

Cosino Thermal Oasis - relax and recuperate!

Transcarpathia has long been famous for its thermal waters, which are endowed with healing properties. There are about fifty mineral springs in the region, each of which differs in its composition with a predominance of certain macro- and microelements. The most famous and quite popular among tourists are the thermal waters of Kosino and Beregovo.

The Kosino Thermal Waters complex is located in the village of Koson of Berehiv district. Territorially, the complex is located near the Hungarian border. This arrangement influenced the style in which the health complex is made, because the Austro-Hungarian style was used for decoration.

Thermal water rises from the bowels of the earth to the pools, one of the three operating wells, the depth of which reaches 1190 m underground. The temperature of the obtained water is 41 ° C. Healing water is recommended for external use as a prophylaxis and in the presence of the following diseases: musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, peripheral nervous system, miliary system. The time spent in the water varies from 15 to 20 minutes. Bathing in thermal pools is contraindicated for people with exacerbated diseases.

There are 4 swimming pools filled with mineral and fresh water and one children's pool on the territory of Kosino Thermal Waters. The large thermal pool and thermal pools "Twins" are similar in water temperature, because the water in them is 41 ° C. The difference is that the first is suitable for drive vacationers who like simplicity and freedom. The second option is best for quiet rest and relaxation. This pool is usually chosen by families or small groups of vacationers. Fresh pool with "Aqua Bar" is made in the Mexican style and the water temperature in it differs from the previous ones, because it has only 25 ° C. In the children's pool, the water is 32 ° C and it is shallow, because it is designed for babies. In addition to thermal pools in the complex there are 7 types of saunas, Turkish hammam and sauna.
Opening hours of the complex: from 08:00 to 20:00 daily (excluding weekends).