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Traditions of celebrating Student's Day in different countries of the world

Traditions of celebrating Student's Day in different countries of the world

Student years are the phase of life when the brightest discoveries occur and the desire to move forward pushes for new accomplishments. Wonderful years of youth, joy filled with enthusiasm. Student Day celebrations make sure that students are able to organize their holidays and enjoy life. Every year on November 17, mass celebrations take place in all cities where student life rages. However, celebrations in different countries of the world are worth considering.Mizhnarodny-den-studentiv

Belgian students love to hang out with old friends on this day and have a themed evening of music at the bars. At midnight, Portuguese students gather at the King's Monument and sing songs, while in Coimbra, graduates are dressed in their university uniforms, burning colorful ribbons that symbolize graduation from a particular faculty. In Denmark, oddly enough, Student's Day is considered a family holiday and not accompanied by loud parties, but friendly jokes, songs accompanied by guitars in the company of loyal friends are exactly what Danish youth enjoy. On November 17, Greek students traditionally bring wreaths to the graves of students participating in the protest movement against the black colonel military hun. On this day, students organize rallies and demonstrations to protect their democratic rights and freedoms. At that time in Bulgaria, all higher education institutions are closed, there is no education on this day, and young people gather in high-profile companies and are heartbroken. In Germany, on November 17, students hold sports competitions, after which students gather in pubs and celebrate victory and Student Day. Unlike European students, young people at US universities enjoy celebrating loud and mostly in clubs or in rented out-of-town homes.

In Ukraine, the Student Day is prepared in advance. Shows, concerts and theme parties are being set up. Students on this day are not exempt from couples, but as a bonus couples are reduced. In the evening, university youth gather in pubs, clubs and have fun in the morning.Mizhnarodny-den-studentivAs we can see, different countries are different traditions and different associations with the holiday. In order to get a better feel and understanding of the spirit of Student Day in various cities, it is best to go there and become a party. Together with Zakavto.com, this idea can become a reality. Bus tickets to different countries, excellent service quality, reliable transfer and 100% travel are what we are responsible for. We will help you arrange direct flights or airplane transfers, resolve your ticket issues and provide you with the necessary information for numbers: +380503707099 and +380673707096 - call center.

If you are still a student or want to feel yourself in the role, then do not hesitate and go on a journey for new emotions, new feelings and new acquaintances!