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Tourist place Zgorzelec

Tourist place Zgorzelec

The first mention of the town of Zgorzelec dates back to 1071. Its history is very interesting because the city came under the jurisdiction of one country to another and due to this its name changed. In the Slavic version it is called Zgorzelec, in German - Herlitz, but once the two cities were one and indivisible. In modern Europe, the border between Poland and Germany is already purely symbolic, but the torn particles have remained separate cities in different countries. They are different in the number of tourists who come to walk the cobbled streets and see the architectural beauty. In recent years, Görlitz is ahead of Zgorzelec in terms of attendance, but we want to show that in Zgorzelec, Poland, there is something to look at and the city is no less interesting than German Görlitz.

We offer to start a walk around the city from a large sports complex. From the north you can see the church of St. Boniface. Then the restored town hall awaits us. Luxurious building, which is complemented by no less interesting, in the architectural sense, buildings on the way to the river "border". The city is quite relief and from time to time open the top of the panorama of Zgorzelec with beautiful angles for photos. Pilsudski Street leads to the border with Germany, at the end of which there is an interesting brick building, namely an educational institution. Slightly similar to the previous one, a beautiful house is hidden near the road, directly on the banks of the river Nisa. The building is a former power plant, in front of which is a beautiful park.

In Zhozhelka, it is also worth walking along a section of Volnosti Street with the transition to Partizaniv Street. There you can admire the luxurious villas. Behind the villas stretches the largest park in the city. In the park there is a house of culture, which can be called the most beautiful building in the city. It was built as a museum and hall in memory of Frederick III and William I in the early 20th century. It is complemented by expressive and rich sculptural decor. Finally, you can walk a few more streets near the park and admire the architecture of the city.

From Uzhhorod to Zhozhelets

A new flight of INTERNATIONAL importance Odessa - Zhozhelets started operating on January 9, 2021. Departures are made daily at 22:50 from Mukachevo and at 23:45 from Uzhgorod
The cost of a ticket from Mukachevo is UAH 1,400, respectively from Uzhhorod - UAH 1,344.
The route passes through Brno and Prague.

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