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Tourist locations of the big city Kyiv day and night

Tourist locations of the big city Kyiv day and night

Every time in our articles we emphasize that the basis for a successful trip is a good mood and the right, ie positive attitude to travel. Now we emphasize this again, because you need to look for the positive in everything, no matter what the circumstances, especially during the carnatine, when during the trip you need to be extremely careful and follow all the rules. Since transportation of interregional significance is allowed, let's look for options, and what can interest an experienced tourist or a guest of the capital in Kiev. Well, let's try to note the fascinating places of the wonderful city on the Dnieper.

I want to start with a majestic architectural monument, shrouded in legends and mysteries - with the Church of St. Nicholas. The building is a delight for all passers-by without exception. Whimsical patterns seem to transfer to the depths of the centuries. Since 1980, the House of Chamber and Organ Music has been housed in this Roman Catholic church.

The next location to admire the scenery may be the Cross Park, where the arch of friendship of peoples. It has the shape of a rainbow, and the sculptures that take place under it are made of bronze. The park offers an incredible view of Kiev, it is worth noting that this is a very romantic place, because there is also a bridge of lovers.

For bright colors and historical notes, you should go to Podil - a historic district of Kiev. Today, this area delights guests with low houses of the last century, narrow streets and a special atmosphere. There are two ancient squares of the city in this area, namely: Kontraktova and Poshtova, as well as Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Gostiny Dvir, Samson Fountain, the lower station of a rare mode of transport - the funicular and that's not all that can be seen there.

The soul of Kyiv can be felt on the most famous street of the capital - Andriyivsky Uzviz. It is filled with entourage and attracts creative people. There are several squares along the street and there is an exit to the Landscape Alley, moreover, from where it is very close to the Vladimir hill. There you can see the house-museum of Mikhail Bulgakov and walk to the beautiful castle of Richard.

The Dnieper embankment is suitable for those who prefer quiet measured walks in the fresh air along the river. In the warm season, the evening promenade will give peace and a wonderful summary of a busy day. This place has its highlights - the river station, Post Square, reconstructed for the recent Eurovision Song Contest, Pedestrian Bridge.

So, even if you have to visit Kyiv, now you have a small route with which time will be interesting and memories will remain pleasant. We would like to note that a new flight CHOP - Uzhhorod - KYIV has been opened to Kyiv. Detailed information on departure hours is shown in the photo below.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!