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Virtual Tours of World Museums - Part 2

Virtual Tours of World Museums - Part 2

Quarantine has become a real challenge for both children and adults. He forced to suspend the everyday fast rhythm of life and turn his attention to another direction. However, what do you do during your long-term quarantine? This question probably appeared to everyone. What do we propose to continue online tours of the largest museums in the world?
1.Pargam Museum - Berlin, Germany
It is located in the center of Berlin and is on the list of the most visited museums in Germany. Due to its rich architectural and cultural ensemble, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum is divided into separate departments, such as: antique collection, Middle East, Islamic art. Regarding the antique collection, it is worth noting that it is one of the most significant and impressive collections of Greek and Roman art in the world. One of the most valuable exhibits of the exhibit is the treasure of Roman architecture, namely the market gate from Miletus (existence - 100 years BC). In total, over 1591 exhibits can be viewed in the museum during the online tour.
Online Tour Link: https://artsandculture.google.com/

2. The Salvador Dali Theater Museum
The unique and unusual museum of Salvador Dali is a true work of art, because before its creation, the artist personally made efforts. The museum is filled with the largest collection of works by the genius of surrealism, among which are Salvador Dali's own works.
Online Tour Links: https://www.salvador-dali.org/

3. Solomon Guggenheim Museum - New York, USA
The talented architect Frank Lloyd Wright gave an interesting look to the Museum of Modernity and was created at the request of patron and collector Solomon Guggenheim. The spiral building brought together the oldest and most visited collections of contemporary art from around the world. The exhibits are masterpieces of the Impressionist era, also of the 20th century. and modernity.
Online Tour Link: https://artsandculture.google.com/

4. The Orsay Museum - Paris, France
The museum is located in the building of the former Orse station. The works that fill the halls of the museum are works of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. The basis of the collection is the work of impressionists and post-impressionists. The highlight of the exhibitions are works of decorative art made in the style of Art Nouveau, photographs, as well as cinematography, architecture, as well as jewelry.
Online Tour Link: https://artsandculture.google.com/

5. Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam, Netherlands
More than 200 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and the works of his contemporaries such as Paul Gauguin, Georges Serre, Claude Monet and others are stored in the museum halls. Accompanied by an online tour interesting museum design.
Online Tour Link: https://artsandculture.google.com/

Despite the fact that each of us is now forced to stay at home, we also need to find positive things in what is happening. Now we have the opportunity to devote more time to the family, to read interesting books, to get something new for ourselves, because the sources are enough for this in the age of the Internet. We, in turn, will try to help you diversify the days of quarantine - to have fun. Take care of yourself and be healthy!