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Weekends in Bratislava: transport, housing, food

Weekends in Bratislava: transport, housing, food

Bratislava is a city that most travelers associate with a temporary point on the map for a stop after crossing the border Ukraine - Slovakia. Why so? Yes, because there are many bus flights with transfers that take place in Bratislava and tourists rather use the city as a "transshipment point". Bratislava is rarely chosen as a city for vacation, but for the weekend it is perfect. Absolutely quiet in two days in the capital of Slovakia you can see all the architectural monuments, walk through the old town day and night, taste the local cuisine, and have fun.

Regarding urban transport, it is worth noting the relatively low fare with other European countries. Paper tickets are purchased directly from the bus driver in cash for € 0.70. They are valid for as long as required, but only on the bus or trolleybus in which they were purchased - a new ticket must be purchased after the transfer. Electronic tickets are purchased by touching a valid pass card to a validator inside a bus or trolleybus. They are only valid for one trip, but purchasing another within 45 minutes of the initial purchase will result in an e-ticket with a € 0.10 discount. You can also buy a ticket or use the SMS ticket service by sending any symbol in the form of a text message to the number 1133.
Housing, like transport, is relatively inexpensive in Bratislava. Hostels, hotels, private apartments form a range of housing with different pricing policies. At the same time the price in hostels even near the old town starts from 10 euros, in hotels approximately from 30 to 60 euros, depending on the hotel category.

There will be no problems with food in Bratislava either. You can buy a quick snack in any shop, of which there are enough in the city, especially since some of them are open around the clock. Restaurants and cafes near the city center are suitable for a full lunch or dinner. It is worth noting that in Bratislava there are quite a few restaurants with exclusively traditional cuisine. However, if you can find such places, be prepared that Slovak cuisine is quite similar to Ukrainian and Czech cuisine. The first dishes are considered a business card. In total, a full lunch in Bratislava will cost about 15 euros, including drinks.

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