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Weekend at the dolphinarium Give yourself and your child joy

Weekend at the dolphinarium Give yourself and your child joy

Every Ukrainian knows about such a resort as Truskavets, located in the Carpathian region. The rehabilitation complex is surrounded by a cozy atmosphere and is surrounded by Carpathian forests, clean mountain air and healing mineral springs with healing waters. In Truskavets, excellent conditions have been created, which make it possible to combine effective treatment and diverse recreation.
Three years ago, the Oscar Dolphinarium was inaugurated in the health resort, which was awaited by both children and adults. It became a new stage in the development of the resort's infrastructure. The dolphinarium is quite large, as it is designed for 500 visitors, accommodates two pools. One of them is used for demonstrations to the public, the other is used for classes with sick children. Currently, dolphin therapy is a kind of highlight for Truskavets. Many children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, neurosis, neurosensory deafness, attention deficit disorder, autism, memory problems come there for treatment. Although dolphin therapy is not recognized as an official method of treatment, the results of improvement over time spent with dolphins are still available. a great surprise for a child can be a birthday celebration at the dolphinarium. Dolphins are very friendly to children and will love to play with them. In addition, a creative team of animators will hold fun competitions for kids. Time spent with marine animals will have a positive effect on children and adults, regardless of age.

There are currently six dolphins and three fur seals in the dolphinarium, but there are no plans to stop there, and the number of these cute creatures may increase in the future, and white whales may be added.
The Dolphinarium in Truskavets is the first and only institution in Western Ukraine. Experienced trainers train all animals. The first newly studied numbers were shown at the opening. The show began with a performance by seals. Then the action with a lot of impressions was created by dolphins, who jumped over the crossbar, swam at speed, demonstrated tricks with trainers and rode on themselves. The performance of the animals brought a lot of joy, a lot of positive emotions and admiration for the children.

Work schedule
the dolphinarium ticket office is open daily (except Mondays):
from 10:00 to 18:00
daily performance: 12:00
evening performance: 16:00
Saturday Sunday:
morning performance: 11:00
daily performance: 14:00
evening performance: 17:00
Additional information and ticket booking:
Phones: +38 (050) 033 03 39, +38 (068) 857 45 67 and +38 (073) 857 45 67
Dolphin therapy:
Phone: +380 (093) 631 77 00
Cost of services and entertainment schedule 

Oscar Dolphinarium Address:
Oscar Dolphinarium is located in the central part of the city, near the sanatorium Crystal, San Diamond, Chalet Grail and Rixos Prykarpattia.
From Transcarpathia to Lviv via (Stryi)
Departure from Uzhgorod at 06:15, 18:00, 22:35
Departure from Mukachevo at 07:00
Departure from Tyachev at 11:30 (via Mukachevo)
Departure from Chop at 22:10, 03:10 (via Uzhhorod)
Tickets can be purchased at the box office or by calling our call-center: 0503707099 and 0673707096.
From Stryj or Lviv transfer to a suburban train going directly to Truskavets. Tickets can be purchased at the link http://truskavets.oskar.org.ua/