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Live wine with hints of caramel and banana | The Beaujolais-Nouveau 2019 festival begins

Live wine with hints of caramel and banana | The Beaujolais-Nouveau 2019 festival begins

The holiday of young wine has gained enormous popularity in France and therefore every third Thursday of November, all cities of the country are filled with tourists seeking to taste the wine of a new harvest. In 2019, it will begin on November 21. The main center of celebration is the region of Beaujolais in the southeast of the country with the capital of Bozho, where, from year to year, winemakers give a start to the celebration. Traditionally, holding the burning torches of grapevines, they go out to an area filled with barrels of young wine and at midnight knock out the gags, giving the beginning of the holiday.Beaujolais-Nouveau

Thanks to special production techniques, Beaujolais-Nouveau wine has an unsaturated color and a bright fruity aroma with hints of banana and caramel. However, its storage period is short, only six months. Traditionally, young wine is served with fatty Bear soup with goose meat, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, goose liver pate and stewed stew. Until late at night, winemakers keep their cellars and storage rooms open for festival guests.Beaujolais-Nouveau

In the days leading up to the celebration, millions of bottles of young wine begin their journey to different countries, with owners of restaurants, clubs and cafes eagerly awaiting them. Producers of playful beverage even compete with each other for the speed of delivery of bottles of wine from France to their places of order. For them it is a matter of honor and a kind of quest.Beaujolais-Nouveau

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A plane to the direct flight to Lyon is the ideal option, but if convenient flights are only to Paris, do not worry. The French railways can easily be reached in 2 hours to Lyon, and from there to Bozho, also by train, since there are about 30 flights daily in this direction. You can also use the bus to get from Lyon to Bozho or rent a car.

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